I was lucky enough to be invited into the workshop of Cavaco Motors this week down near where I live. The plan was for me to haul my lazy arse to his shop to take photos of a 'vintage Porsche. Pretty straight forward.
The gear I brought was pretty light, nothing to set up but a monopod I brought along for when I shot video.
A7rIII for the camera body.
Sigma ART 35mm f/1.2 for the overkill lens.
Battery Grip for the ego.
Sirui monopod for aforementioned required stability for the videography.
I finished my workout, scoffed a quick bite for breakfast, and jumped in the car.
I was greeted by the David, the owner of the business. A charming bloke with a relentless grin. A seasoned professional if I'd ever seen one. And I surely think I just had in Dave. I asked him which car it was that he had in the shop, I was expecting 1990's 911, maybe something a little more 80s with the fat back.
I'll mention it now before we delve too far into this crap that I reserve the right to be mispronounce, misinterpreted, mutilate, and of course humiliate anything and everything when talking about cars, I'm learning about them as I go.
Dave proceeds to tell me that He laughed inside when I said a 90's Porsche Boxster was what I considered a vintage car. That's when he showed me this car that we're looking at today.
1960's PORSCHE 356 1600 SUPER.
From what I can tell on google that is, someone can correct me if I'm wrong.
This model car was one of the first vehicles produced by Porsche to be considered a sports car.
I read a quote today saying that the guy who designed the car made the front headlights look like big frog eyes because it related to nature. Who cares about the story really, it was a great choice and you can easily see where the more modern designs get their inspiration from.
The shoot went great. Obviously I'm fantastic to work with in every conceivable way. Never lied once. Never dropped a lens.
The editing took bloody ages to get proper. Working with Adobe lightroom makes the editing process so much faster but for some reason I've been moved to a bizarre new version of lightroom and there doesn't seem to be as many options and little tools that the Lightroom Classic had. Not sure why I've got this problem but it doesn't bother me that much. Like I mentioned, fantastic in every conceivable way.
And also I'm not a writer 
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