As I'm sitting here writing this i am in complete awe of the multitude of faces Raihan can pull! Truly the sign of a great actor.
Rocked my go to gear set up for this one, running solo.
Sigma 35mm f1.2
Hoya variable ND filter
UE Boom
and coffee.
After being told off by security a few to many times with my shoot with Theo and James I decided to use Moore Park with a different approach. The Fields and Tram Station. You'll see a lot of images with nature and the blue sky in the background. Taking advantage of the plentiful park benches was a lifesaver in the absence of the cafe chairs in the Moore Park area. Great opportunity to work on the stationary poses. 

I'm certainly seeing how the more abstract photos from photoshoots seem to stand out can really capture your attention a whole lot more than your standard poses. I think this is the same for images capturing candid laughter. Boy if we could mix both perfectly we might as well write the book on portraits. 
If you've met Raihan you know hes a wonderful character to be around, full of beans. Great fun to work with even if only for a few hours. Cant wait to team up again in the future.
On to the next one Bitches.
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