Here's my top picks from my photo shoot with Sophie.

Sigma 35mm f/1.2
Canon 50MM f/1.8
Sony Battery Grip.
Variable ND Filter.
So this is Sophie. Obviously from the pictures you can see that shes really cool. When I asked he what kind of music she likes, she said The Weekend. So that's what I 'played first on the UE Boom.
I also like The Weekend now.

Sophie was introduced to me my a mutual friend because I was looking for subjects to take portraits of while down in Melbourne for the week. We set a date and time and I chose a spot to meet. I only really knew one spot in Melbourne which was Marvel Stadium in Docklands, right in the city so we went there.
Marvel stadium was primarily built for sports and drunks, but if it had a second purpose it would have to be as a location for photographers. We took almost 3 hours walking around the stadium using all the little locations scattered around the joint, big pillars, city views, white walls, black walls. And it just so happened to be the perfect day as well, only perfect clouds in the sky!
All natural lighting, so once again I had to pull the most out of the image in the editing. Really getting used to manipulating colour tones in Lightroom now. Might have gone a bit overboard with the blues in these images but at least the skin tones are 85%+ accurate in most of the pictures. I think they call that a A-.
I was mucking around with the editing and realised that for a few of these images i could completely black out most of Sophie's facial features because of how she was posed in the light. I exaggerated that style and really liked what came out, some of them are my favourites from the shoot. 
Two shoots booked for this week. OTTNO.
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