Oh my gosh seriously I just want to talk about these photos.

Anyway, the equipment I used.
Pretty much the same as the last shoot.
Sigma 35mm f/1.2 GTFO Beast Master Lens.
Sony Battery Grip.
Variable ND Filter.
UE Boom.
Own Two Hands.
So I reached out to Tai a few months ago on Facebook after seeing a post on a Melbourne photography group. I saw him reply to someones post and decided to snake and messaged Tai asking if he'd be keen to do a TFP shoot when I came down to Melbourne next.
Because hes a boss he said yes.
I put together a janky mood board and a few weeks later drove down to the land of street art, museums and ABSOLUTELY no caramel lattes. Seriously, whats wrong with a sweet coffee? try it sometime Melbourne.
After drinking a (admittedly amazing) Mocha from 7 Seed Coffee Roasters we just started walking around the area chatting, looking for spots to shoot. Tai's a pro so after every photo he would change up his pose a little more giving me plenty of shots to work with. He'd listen to my directions and expand on the instructions further himself. You can 100% see the difference with someone who's used to working with photographers, the whole flow of the shoot just works.
We went from spot to spot trying new poses, talking, reviewing, it was honestly great picking his mind on the industry around Victoria. All the time listening to music on my UE Boom, really breaks up the silence when taking the photo. 100% you gotta bring a wireless speaker to your shoots.
I spent a while trying to find a colour theme for the photos when I started editing. I've been so tired lately so after an ungodly amount of mid-day naps and horrible dream about fighting a bunch of high school kids, I finally stumbled across a style and started working on the set. Pretty happy with how they turned out so it'll be fun sharing them online.
On to the next one.

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