The equipment I used.
Sony A7Riii
Sigma 35mm f/1.2 ART
Variable ND filter
Random eBay lighting kit I was given
Dell blah blah blah laptop
Lightroom & Photoshop
I'm not just whacking a dumb filter on these. There's thoughts and skills being adapted in the editing process that aren't easily distinguishable to everyone. But I promise you they can ABSOLUTELY be explained, demonstrated, and observed. I'm actually going to post a couple of before and afters with these images.
So lets explain this shoot.
I started going through My head thinking of people I've worked with in the past to try and find something to work on since the Covid-19 drama.
Top of My list was Yemi Akinpelumi. A film director I'd work with a few years ago on a couple of projects. I hadn't seen him in quite some time but I had a feeling He would either need some work or might know someone who would appreciate some professional photography, at the very least I knew that I liked working with Yemi before which was a good enough reason to try and do it again, so I took a shot and reached out with a Facebook message.
I sent this MASSIVE message to Yemi with a HUGE amount of detail explaining what I was looking for and if He was interested, or if He knew of someone who might be.
Sure enough the legend Yemi actually needed professional photography for 3 different projects and asked if I could drive to St Leonards the next day to take some pictures. I was literally taking a crap when He sent that message to Me. Not sure if that a sign... up for interpretation.
1. Headshots for a venture Yemi is apart of.
2. Edgy, Artistic, portraits for Yemi's DJ talent management company WithMe Music.
3. Photos of Yemi in a public speaking environment. 
I'll leave it to you to figure out which of these photos were needed for the various reasons.

Long story shot We've got a few more projects lined up now so stay tuned for some more photography from Myself featuring Yemi.

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